Back to School

For some parents back to school time is a blessing, for others it is the beginning of the busiest time of the year.  Mom and Dad become chauffeurs and coaches and evenings are spent doing homework and trying to be prepared for the next day.  By the time dinner, homework, and bathes are done another day is over and the house is a wreck and the honey-do list got a little longer.  Where did all those lazy summer days go?  Those days when you dreamed of all you were going to accomplish during the summer.  If you are like me, I only checked a few of those to-dos off my list before I sent our children off to school.  Let Ping Hauling & Home Service help mark some more off of your to-do list.  We can come clean out that fence row, haul away that broken down play set, and finally clear all those boxes from the basement.

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