It Is Time To Go To Rehab

I have a serious sugar addiction.  No really it is serious.  I made some ginger snap cookies the other day and while I was baking them I ate about 16 cookies.  16 cookies!!  Seriously who needs 16 cookies.  And that was just that day.  I have a family member that is addicted to all things cars.  His garage can hold 6 cars or more but it is so full of car parts and tools for cars and broken down cars that he doesn’t have the space to actually work on any cars.  I have another family member who is addicted to books.  She knew her addiction was bad when she had to buy 3 more bookshelves to be able to shelve the books that were taking over her bed.  Thankfully she has started giving the books away but she also continues to buy them.  What does all this addiction lead to?  TOO MUCH EXCESS!  It is time to go to rehab, maybe not literally, but it is time to purge that which feeds the addiction.  So tonight I am giving up unnecessary sugar.  What will you give up?  Call Ping Hauling to haul away that excess and be free from your addiction.018

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