Junk Removal to the Max

Just yesterday Ping Hauling and Home Services cleaned out and hauled away some lawn debris at a home in Beech Grove.  As mentioned in a blog earlier this week, Beech Grove has a new compliance division.  The compliance division has been handing out notes telling residents of Beech Grove to clean up their properties.  The very same day we were cleaning out our neighbors brush, another neighbor was tearing down his dilapidated garage, and another was replacing his worn out shed.  The compliance division has been hard at work to make people aware of their eye sores, but how can people get help removing those eye sores?  That is what Ping Hauling and Home Services does.  We help clean out our brush along your fence row; we tear down that unsightly shed; we take down those dead trees and grind up the stumps.  We are here to help!  You can contact us via this website or phone (317) 438-1870 or (317) 294-7993 or email pinghauling@gmail.com.  Below are before and after photos of the lawn debris removal.

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