“The Middle” Junk Sorting Nightmare

Have you seen the latest episode of “The Middle”? The Heck’s had an exuberent amount of Junk from years of accumulation. They attempted to sort their junk in piles of things-to-keep and things-to-get-rid-of. Frankie thought if they all pitch in they would be done sorting by lunch, but by dinner they still were not done. Midnight rolls around and they were still working, and Mike decides to call it and start again the next day.   But the next morning it seems that the pile grew overnight.  Finally they were able to load the car to overflowing with the get-rid-of items, and took them to donate.  But then the police brought it all back.

Have you ever felt like the Heck’s?  Is your junk overwhelming you?  Let Ping Hauling & Home Services come pick up all that junk and haul it all far far away.  We will donate what we can and responsibly dispose of the rest.  We have the truck all warmed up and ready.  That’s what we do.

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