Don’t Procrastinate

I was taught at a young age how to procrastinate.  My mom and dad are great at it.  They are hard workers but working hard wears them out.  So when they get home from work they lack all motivation to accomplish anything after they punch their time card.  So they plan to accomplish those projects on the weekends, but as you know, when the weekend comes, who really wants to spend it working?  I recently had strep throat and was out of commission for a whole week.  I had zero motivation to do anything.  I was doing good if my family was dressed and fed.  But a week’s worth of work piled up, so now that I am feeling better I have to play catch up.  It got me thinking about all those projects that everyone wishes they had the time and energy for.  You keep putting them off because of being busy or they are simply not fun.  Well how would you like to get that project done without you having to lift a finger?  Ping Hauling and Home Services can clean out that fence row, trim those bushes, and clean out the garage.  Just don’t procrastinate in making the phone call:)  317-438-1870

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