Get What You Pay For

My daughter had her first school skating party tonight.  My husband and I grew up skating every chance we got, so I was excited to pass this delight on to our children.  So we arrived with high hopes.  I envisioned my husband and I holding our children’s hands as we glide around the rink.  We entered the door where we paid $4 per person for the privilege of skating, $16.  While we picked out our skates, we were informed that if we wanted the children to be able to use the stabilizing walkers on wheels then we would have to purchase wrist bans for $3 a piece.  I spent another $6.  My son wore his skates for 30 seconds on the rink floor and panicked.  He would not be skating tonight.  My daughter made it around the rink one time and wanted to eat.  I attempted to feed them at home before we left, but they weren’t hungry:)  So my husband bought them each a slushy, another $5.  We sat down for a total of 1 minute 15 seconds and both of our children proceeded to spill the contents of their slushies on the floor.  My daughter did want to skate again so I put on my skates in hopes that I could skate alongside her.  We made it about half way around and she fell.  “I want to go home!!” she cried.  So after spending $27, with little to show for it, we went home.  I felt robbed.

At Ping Hauling and Home Services, you get what you pay for.  By that I mean great service at a great price.  We will show up on time, even early, do our work quickly and clean up after ourselves.

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