Go For It

Do you have a list of To-Dos that you have had for years?  Things that would require a little effort to cross it off your list?  Maybe it is something that isn’t urgent, just annoying.  For example, do you have a 20 year old box style TV in your basement that your parents gave you when you moved out?  It hasn’t worked since Y2K but you can’t lift it yourself so now it serves as a make-shift bar.  Or has your wife given you an ultimatum to finally clear out the attic?  She says, “if it has been up there since 1980 then we don’t need it anymore.”  Well then it is time to have Ping Hauling & Home Services help you Go For It!  Don’t wait another day!  You will feel better and so will your wife:)  Ping Hauling & Home Services will show up on time and take away the items —  then you can finally cross them off the to-do list for good.

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