Move Less

I HATE to move.  Really HATE isn’t a strong enough word.  When I was 7 years old my parents packed everything we owned in a box truck and moved our family of 5 from a tiny town in Ohio to Greenwood, Indiana, so my dad could start a new job.  I was not excited about it.  In fact I was mad.  I had to leave all my friends and all my family.  No more Sunday lunches at Grandma’s house.  No more playtime with all my childhood friends while my parents went to Bible study.  And to make matters worse we moved to a neighborhood with a whole bunch of boys.  The only girl  was 3 years older than me and her brother was a real jerk.  But after a few years I forgave my parents and started to enjoy life in Indiana.  Then my dad lost his job — the sole reason for our 1st move — and we had to move again.  Before the age of 30 I moved 6 different times.  I have gotten used to it now, but if I ever move again I really hope it will be the absolute last.  In all my years of moving I did learn some great pointers.  Always wrap you glass.  Clothes travel best in garage bags.  Don’t ever pay for moving boxes.  But the best pointer I could ever give someone before they move is to move as little as possible.  Only take what you really need.  If you can afford to buy new furniture when you get to your destination, than do it.  Throw out or give away anything you can live without.  You won’t miss it.  Ping Hauling and Home Services can haul away all the those that won’t be making the move.

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