Multiplied Blessings

Ping Hauling & Home Services had a unique opportunity yesterday to bless a number of people while receiving a blessing ourselves.  We were asked by a mother and son to help them clear out some tools and furniture to make room for the son to move back home.  The husband had passed away 7 years ago and the family had never been able to let go of his many woodworking tools.  Each item we cleared away had a story to go with it and we toured the home to see all the items the dearly departed had crafted with his own hands.  Even though necessity required the clearing we were able to take the time to allow the family to grieve.  Another item we hauled away was a beautiful theater organ.  The family wanted the organ to be used if possible and we were able to take the organ to a small church who could never afford such a fine piece of equipment.  The organist was so thankful to have such a beautiful and fully functioning instrument and the family was glad that the organ will be used to play the praises of God.  And by an awesome turn of events, the church happened to be the very church the son and mother had attended when the son was just a wee child.  Ping Hauling & Home Services was honored to be a part of this passing on of blessings to this dear family and the humble church.

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