Spring Rains Bring More Than Flowers

I have a feeling this spring is going to be a wet one. That means soggy yards, budding flowers, and flooded basements. Spring is my favorite season but flooded basements are nobody’s favorite. So how do you clean out a flooded basement? Well oddly enough the clean up starts long before the flood. Any storage in basements needs to be several inches if not a foot above the floor. Always store items in watertight containers. Run a dehumidifier especially during rainy times. And if possible install a sump pump.
Now if the unfortunate does occur then separate the salvageable from the unsalvageable. To prevent or clean mold there are 3 natural ways: 1. Plain white vinegar in a spray bottle. 2. A mixture of 1 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup water in a spray bottle. 3. 10 drops of Tea Tree oil with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle, spray the areas of concern and leave overnight.
Be thorough in your cleaning to prevent any future mold from growing. And refer back to the preventatives to avoid a second clean up.
Stay dry out there.

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