The Christmas season for most is a time full of nostalgia.  We try to recreate memories from our childhood to pass on to our children.  We try to keep up traditions handed down for generations and maybe try to create new ones.  It is often a time where we feel a little like a kid again.  Not so for our family this year.  We have been struggling with sickness since before Thanksgiving.  Our Christmas season was full of sleeping and watching movies — none of the typical activities of parties, baking, or trips to Grandma’s house.  I was trying not to feel down about our lackluster Christmas as New Year’s quickly approached.  On New Year’s Eve at 12 noon my family came to have lunch with me at work and I asked them what we should do for New Year’s Eve — I know what you are thinking, not much time to plan.  We decided to call all the grandmas and grandpas and ask them to come over.  So after work I got busy cooking and throwing some snacks together.  The grandparents brought some goodies and games.  Add in a couple uncles and a cousin and we had a real party going.  I had the best time and it seems that everyone else did too.  The next morning I was reminiscing on the fun and realized why I had so much fun… I found my nostalgia again.  When I was a child getting together with friends and family, eating junk food, and playing games was what we did for fun.  No one had any money so this was a cheap way to have a good time that the kids could participate in.  Some of my favorite memories are of those parties.  That feeling of nostalgia is part of why my husband and I started Ping Hauling & Home Services.  We both watched our fathers work very hard at very physical jobs.  And often times they volunteered their services to help out friends and family.  They were good at what they did and they enjoyed it.  We wanted to feel that same satisfaction.  Serving others through our company brings us that satisfaction and connects us with our nostalgia.

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