Avoid the Pre-Monday

We wait all week for the weekend and then the weekend comes and we try to cram all the fun and relaxation we can into 48 hours.  Then on Sunday afternoon right around 4:19pm the “Pre-Monday” hits.  You realize that you have a gargantuan pile of laundry whose smell is calling for your attention.  The kids need baths.  The cat box funk is outrageous.  You have done ZERO prep for this weeks meals. And you forgot to take your husband’s suit to the dry cleaners.  Your heart starts to race, your voice hits a new octave as you spew your list of demands to your spouse and kids.  “Pre-Monday” has just ruined your calm peaceful Sunday rest.  You say to yourself,”Self I will not let this happen next weekend. I will plan ahead and accomplish something.”  But deep down you know you won’t.  So how do you avoid the “Pre-Monday”?  Let someone else do the work for you.  No need to worry about those leaves or the over stuffed gutters.  Call Ping Hauling & Home Services instead.  Enjoy your rest.


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